Delivering Proactive Pet Wellness Care in Stevensville, MI

Traditional pet wellness care is a central part of keeping your animal companion healthy for as many years as possible. Because dogs and cats age about 6 years for every one human year, they are prone to rapid changes in their health. We recommend annual to semi-annual wellness exams in Stevensville, MI to stay on top of these changes, and provide timely care as needed to address them fully. Dogs and cats are masters at concealing pain and illness in their early stages. But with the help of your vet, we can catch these issues and manage them while they are still easy to treat.

We want your pet to stay healthy and happy just as much as you do. Call (269) 235-9380 to schedule their next wellness exam!

What does Pet Wellness Care Involve?

Wellness care encompasses multiple treatments and services designed to improve your pet’s long-term health and help prevent the onset of disease. These include:

  • A thorough physical examination from nose to tail
  • Booster vaccinations, as needed
  • Deworming (common for puppies and kittens)
  • Administering parasite prevention
  • Fecal exam and blood work to screen for parasites and various diseases
  • Nutritional recommendations and behavior counseling
  • Treatment for any existing health issues

Another important aspect of wellness care is getting to know you and your pet. At Village Vet, communication is key to providing quality medicine. By understanding your needs and your pet’s needs, we can truly do our best for you both and help you share a long, happy life together.

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The Importance of Parasite Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Parasite prevention is essential to your pet’s health, and should be administered year-round to protect them from fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other invasive pests. While fleas and ticks go dormant in below-freezing temperatures, they can become active again when the temperature rises above freezing. Furthermore, if your pet will be traveling to a warmer climate with you during the winter, they will be more at risk for parasites. Year-round coverage is your pet’s best defense against intruders.

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