Protecting Pet Immunity with Cat and Dog Vaccinations In Berrien County, MI

Routine vaccinations for your dog or cat are an essential ingredient in their ongoing care. With a variety of harmful viruses and bacterial infections lurking around, vaccines are your pet’s best option for ongoing protection. At Village Vet, we take a personalized approach and recommend only the most necessary vaccinations to improve your pet’s disease immunity. This means we do not recommend any vaccines unless they are absolutely needed to keep your companion healthy and safe.

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How Safe are Vaccines for Dogs and Cats?

As a loving pet owner, you want to protect your companion from as many risks as possible. Like human vaccines, pet vaccines may also come with rare side effects. To prevent these side effects as best we can, we space out the booster shots in a vaccine series and recommend against lifestyle-based vaccines that may not be relevant to your pet’s particular lifestyle. Over-vaccinating can increase an animal’s risk for a vaccine reaction, so our doctors take extreme care to create tailored vaccination schedules for all our patients.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations We Recommend In Berrien County, MI

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